Suv Story
Let the story unfold... An evolution through generations!
Mahindra SUV Story

It all started in 1945 when two brothers ventured to build what today stands as a moving force in the nation’s progress. Mahindra & Mahindra truly brought about an automotive revolution. SUVs being a major part of this revolution were in the forefront. Our business grew along with our SUVs, not only in size and power, but also in design and innovation.

Allow us to walk you down memory lane and re-introduce our journey of SUVs!

The Pioneer

The 1946 Willy’s Jeep was the pioneer in the Indian SUV segment. Even though the base model that went into production was the one used in wars, we made alterations to the jeep modifying it as we upgraded it year by year. In 1963 the jeep got a 6 cylinder engine in the Jeep Gladiator.

The jeep also took his holiness, The Pope, around the city of Mumbai in 1965. Later in 1991, the Commander broke through. With its spacious interiors and versatile features, it captured the attention of people from every walk of life.

Nothing Else Will Do

Shortly after the success of Bolero, Scorpio was ready to receive an audience. The Scorpio was appreciated to a point where it became the most celebrated vehicle of the year.

The design and technology of the Scorpio, the time invested by the team in the Scorpio, all resulted in the Scorpio being the Auto Car of the year 2003. Just like the armada, it took the team 5 years to perfect the Scorpio. But the wait had its own delight!

Living the weekend life

The younger version of Xylo takes after it! Quanto is the smallest of the SUVs. Aimed at urban buyers desiring SUV-like proportions and space with hatchback-like maneuverability and practicality, the Quanto put sedans on a back seat.

Setting Sails for Armada

With the heart of the Jeep and soul of an SUV, the Armada was an all-terrain vehicle that could seat nearly 10 people.

The Armada took over 5 years to build. The market demanded a tough, good looking SUV that could manage mountain slopes and city streets in equal strides. And that is exactly what we delivered!

The Time of Your Life

When we look at the Xylo, we see a forceful masculine vehicle that rules the roads.

The chrome slats working as the grill amplify the look. Putting the sedans out of current vintage, the sloping bonnet with the imposing stance clearly drove people crazy.

This car was meant to stamp its statement. Xylo has redefined the space and comfort that any other SUV provides.

May your life be
full of stories

The one SUV we see at every junction is the Mahindra New Age XUV5OO. It has been a daunting success since the launch while now with the changes incorporated, it is unstoppable.

The beauty about this car lies in the fact that people from all demographics desire this car. Its luxurious interiors, safety features and drive control has made this car appealing for every generation.

Today, there are over 1,50,000 cheetah’s making stories with their owners!

The Take on Anything

As the millennium set in, so did the next generation of Mahindra SUVs.

The vehicles of the millennium combined thrill with luxury. It started with the Quadro in the January 2000. It was a sporty 4x4 limited edition which was customized to orders. In August 2000, the Bolero received a phe-nomenal response from the public when they came forward to exchange their vehicles for the Bolero.

Because Thar hates tar

The Thar has been in the making for 60 years now. The origins of this legend date all the way back to the Willy’s jeep. This ultimate off-roader came to light in 2010.

It gave all adventure seeking souls an opportunity to run or rather ride towards their adventure. Thar is an extreme off-road vehicle that enlivens ruggedness along with performance!

Tough to the Core

The tough guy is in the town. The TUV3OO is the newest innovation and this time, the strength and power of SUV has been taken to the next big stage. With one of the most renowned brand ambassadors in recent times, the vehicle has definitely set a new benchmark for the competitors.

Time and efforts stand important. Although, what commands an important place is the zeal to create the unthinkable.

At Mahindra, we are passionate to provide the best-in-class SUVs to you. This is what evolution is all about, producing ace quality with the changing times.