the great escape

A drive across the roughest tracks and an unforgettable experience behind the wheel awaits…

At the Great Escape, we experience off-roading thrills on spectacular routes with a chance to feel one with our SUV. At the end of an exhilarating day on treacherous paths, we sit by the fire and share adventures with fellow off-roaders marking the end of a perfect day.

Could it get any better?

To keep the adrenaline going even more, there is the Trophy Class! The Trophy Class is subject to rigorous off-road tests. After winning these trophies, the competition moves to the Off-Road Training Academy at Igatpuri. At the training academy, beckons another adventure and the ultimate reward, the Mahindra Thar!

Are you ready for your Great Escape?

The Great Escape Hyderabad
11th September 2016
The Great Escape Gurgaon
17th October 2016